Top 20 Nutrition Blogs to Follow in 2015

As the awareness of the need to stay healthy continues to grow more people are taking a keen interest in healthy ideas and diets. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to lose weight, get fit or improve your general well-being, connect with real people who are going through the same things. There are many blogs out there that can help you to stay on track while offering the community that makes you realize you’re not alone. There are bloggers who document their personal journeys to healthy and revitalized lives in an inspirational way. You’ll find science-backed information, the best recipes and motivational content to help you on your journey to attaining good health. Follow them to get delicious diet and nutrition ideas.

Here are the top Nutrition Blogs to follow in 2015:

Deliciously Ella

This blog is based on the inspiring journey of the author, Ella Woodward who turned to natural unprocessed foods to manage a rare health condition. This is a must read blog if you are keen on going natural with nutritious foods that clean up. The author shares exciting recipes that will leave you asking for more.

Choosing Raw

Run by Gena (a certified clinical nutritionist), this blog explores the delights of raw food recipes from salads and dressings to raw breads, crackers and wraps. The raw recipes help you get the maximum benefits out of your vegetables as cooking destroys some of the important nutrients. If you fancy a plant-based diet Choosing Raw is your bible.

Healthy, Happy, Life

If you’re one of those people who think a vegan diet is boring, you haven’t read Healthy, Happy, Life. This blog has got hundreds of yummy vegetarian recipes so you won’t be hard pressed thinking of what your next meal will be. Once you try out the recipes on this blog, you’ll wonder why most people make going vegan to sound like a challenge at all.

Food Politics

This blog by the celebrated educator, author and nutritionist Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., is the place to keep abreast of food new, including the political side of it. On Marion’s blog you are sure to find very well-reasoned nutritional information on such topics as whether the Paleo diet is the best diet to whether breakfast is that important. Marion Nestle’s authority on food and nutrition matters has CNN, the Wall street Journal and other news outlets chasing after her. So should you!

The NutritionTwins

As registered dietitian nutritionists and personal trainers, the dynamic duo, Lyssie Lakatos & Tammy Lakatos Shames provide a double dose of nutritious information on their amazing site. You’ll discover some valuable resources in the areas of fitness, weight loss, healthy cooking recipes, and many more goodies. They’re simply on a mission to keep you Lookin’ Good inside and out. Head on over now.

BuzzFeed Food

This blog is literally buzzing with ridiculously delicious food recipes that appeal to those among us who possess a sweet tooth. But to make sure you don’t get lost in all the deliciousness, the blog provides you expert information and tips to make healthy food choices. Let’s just say it’s a don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously kind of nutrition blog.

Authority Nutrition

If you’re looking for an authoritative, science-backed yet simple to understand nutrition blog, you’ve got it in Authority Nutrition. This blog tells it as it is: junk is bad for you, embrace a low-carb diet. No kid gloves.

fANNEtastic Food

Happy go lucky. That’s fANNEtastic Food is for you. The author is, like most people, an advocate of intuitive eating. Enjoying ice cream and indulging in pizzas every once in a while shouldn’t necessarily derail us from our overall nutrition and fitness goals. So says the blog.

Joyous Health

Joy Mcarthy of brings a breath of fresh air to the nutrition arena. As a Holistic Nutritionist, Joy provides you with a wealth of information that will help you learn practical steps to taking charge of your health and making it all the more “Joyous”.

The Paleo Diet

If you want to learn the know how of Paleo Diet, Go no further. Dr. Loren Cordain is the founder of The Paleo Movement and the world’s leading expert on the Paleolithic Diet.  The blog also contains recipes & is maintained by some of the acclaimed food experts.

Summer Tomato

Summer tomato is not pretentious about the short-termism of diet fads. The message is simple – if you want to live and stay healthy, you must cultivate a life-long “Healthstyle.” The secret to being consistent in anything worthwhile is to enjoy it. And most stop-start diets aren’t. Check out the blog for weight-loss stories and trending food and nutrition stories.

Madeleine Shaw

Madeline is a celebs’ nutritional coach but she pours out her passion for helping people to eat well on her blog. She believes the positive influence nutrition has on your health can be seen both inside and out. Find out how to stay healthy without giving in to a dreary unpalatable life. Log onto Madeline’s log.

Stupid Easy Paleo

Don’t be fooled by the blog name. There’s nothing stupid about the nutrition advice you’ll get on this blog. Only that sometimes the best recipes can be so easy that they seem stupid. The nutrition advice is so in-your-face the blog may as well have been called “Straight Talk Paleo.” Want some intelligent advice on everything from nutrition recipes to food photography and workout tips? Go to Stupid Easy Paleo.

Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider, a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP), is truly a giant when it comes to nutrition and health. In addition to finding great recipes, nutritional guidance on her blog, she takes it up a notch and provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on how you can take control of who you are and fall in love with life so that it includes you being Happy, Healthy and Whole.

No Meat Athlete

From the title, you would think this blog to be strictly about vegetarian matters. But you’ll be surprised that it actually embraces essentially everyone, including those who enjoy grilled steak, with useful advice on healthy living. Unpatronizing, the blog encourages you to find the diet that works best for you even as it shares fantastic smoothie recipes. All the while cheering you on to take on your biggest goals.


Just as a book reviewer picks books off the bookshelf to review, the author and editor of this blog, Tanya Taylor-Jackson, has committed herself to sampling various food products on the store-shelves and bringing you informative reviews of the same. We all like the idea of parting with our money on stuff that someone has tried, liked and recommended. I Ate a Pie gives you the heads up on what’s hot and what’s not as far as food items go. So next time you want to try out the new soup or frozen meal, you better find out what Tanya has to say about it.

Madeline Nutrition

The philosophy in which this blog is based on, “The food we eat and the way we eat it not only determine the quality of our days—they number them as well…”, will certainly change the way you think about food and health as a whole.  As an advocate for promoting a whole foods plant-based diet, Madeline Given (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) shares some valuable information on her blog that will jump-start your journey to leading a life of wellness.

Naturally Ella

This blog is inspired by the personal experiences of the blogger, Erin, whose family was jolted by her father’s heart attack. Confessing to having grown up on junk food Erin turned around her life with healthy foods and now shares pantry-inspired seasonal vegetarian recipes. Check it out if you have a thing for vegetarian recipes.

Karen Roth Nutrition

With over 20 years of experience applying a holistic approach to health, Karen Roth (Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Nutrition Consultant) shares some life-changing information on her site. You’ll discover a host of information discussing a variety of health topics as well as some delicious recipes to top it all off.

The Picky Eater

If you’re a picky eater who is always watching your calories-intake, you have found your match. The blogger shares her personal story about aligning her spouse’s junk-eating habits with her own choosey attitude to food. You’ll definitely find her personal challenges and triumphs inspiring even as you learn about her various cuisine recipes.

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