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There's no doubt about it, the gluten free movement has taken the world by storm. It seems like you cant walk into any supermarket without seeing a section dedicated to gluten free foods. And many restaurants now have gluten free menu options. 

This article is for those readers who believe they have a gluten intolerance and are delving into the world of gluten free foods. We decided to focus on quick and easy to make recipes. To do that we asked people from a popular forum frequented by millions of users - Reddit.

‚ÄčRecipes from Reddit

We visited the /glutenfree section of Reddit posted a topic asking about peoples favorite recipes. This forum has over 15,000 registered users and is quite active.

We had quite a few responses but these ones below stood out the most. Our first series is by Reddit user Leeroy57, who had these recipes to give us:


Gluten free pasta

2 cups gluten free flour (you can use any type, try mixing with rice/millet for some different taste) 3 eggs, 6 teaspoons water, 1 teaspoon xanthan gum, ¬Ĺ teaspoon salt

Measure out the flour, xanthan gum, and salt and put in a mixer for food processor. Separately beat eggs and water and add together with flour mixture. I recommend mixing on low until you can see stuff start to chunk together. When you start to see chunks, use hands to mix into a solid mass of dough. Start in with a mixer again for around 4 mins until the dough becomes super stiff. Take out and knead manually. Use a roler to flatten, and then divide dough into whatever shapes you like. I like bow ties but it can be a little tricky.

Cook pasta in salted water for about 4 mins or more depending on who tender you like your pasta.



Gluten free pasta sounds just as easy to make as normal pasta. This versatile staple food goes perfect with sauces  - provided they say gluten free on the label! 


And when I make pasta I always have tons left over. I make…

Mac and Cheese

This recipe makes about 14 ounces of pasta. 1 cup goat milk, as much or as little gouda as you want ( I use 8 ounces or more), 1 cup butter, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon cornstarch

Heat butter on medium until melted then add milk and bring slight boil. Add cornstarch. Add cheese a few pieces at a time until it is melted or until you have desired consistency. Gouda tends to be a lot less thick than standard cheese but YMMV. Add salt and pepper or any of your other favorite spices. I recommend cayenne or garlic powder.



Source: allrecipes.com

You cant go wrong with macaroni and cheese. This interesting twist on an old classic substitutes regular milk and cheese with Gouda cheese and goat milk. Additionally, Butter is gluten free so that's a given. We found that Gouda to be a little on the thin side though, so it may be best to use a different type of cheese. Or more butter if you don't mine the extra calories!


And here’s a peppermint bark recipe for the holidays

2 cups hazelnuts, 2 cups cherries, 16 ounces chocolate (milk or bittersweet, whatever you like) 1 teaspoon peppermint oil

Add 1 cup cherries and 1 cup hazelnuts to a lined baking sheet. Melt chocolate and peppermint oil in a pot and pour over baking pan as evenly as possible. Chocolate cools fast so you’ll have to be quick. As its cooling, sprinkle the rest of the cherries and hazelnuts onto the pan.



Nothing like some holiday peppermint bark for the occasion. We made this at the office and everyone loved it. It took us less than 30 minutes and was near impossible to screw up - unless you let the chocolate harden too quickly that is. The peppermint taste can be a little on the strong side, so you may want to use a little less oil. Or look into peppermint extract, which isn't quite as strong.

These users below didn't give us recipes directly, but they did give us links to some great ideas. We choose the 3 that we liked the most below:


Also www.http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com. Great website!

Also simply Taralynn has a great recipe for gf banana pancakes: http://simplytaralynn.com/2014/09/12/67-calorie-gluten-freedairy-free-banana-bread-pancakes/



The first site has many great easy to make recipes, but we especially liked her 3 way fudge recipe.

Source: glutenfreeonashoestring.com

And the second site has a recipe for banana pancakes. It doesn't get much easier than this. Here's a quick summary:

Source: simplytaralynn.com

‚ÄčTake 3 large eggs, 2 bananas, ¬ľ cup (gluten free of course) flower, ¬Ĺ tblsp. cinnamon, ¬Ĺ tblsp. cream of tartar, ¬Ĺ tblsp. vanilla, 2 packets stevia, ¬ľ cup almond milk and add them to a blender. Mix until smooth and fry at desired size, then serve. 

Check out www.glutenfreeeasily.com. Her recipes focus on naturally gluten free foods.


Source: glutenfreeeasily.com

This site is great and has many interesting recipes. Our favorite was the sweet potato bacon chili. Simply gather ingredients and add to a pot. Cook. Serve. Perfect for those cold winter months. 

We also had a few not so detailed responses. To be fair, we did ask for easy recipes, and quick and easy is exactly what we received. Consider these more like guidelines than recipes. you can use them to give you ideas for your own creations. I know we did.

‚ÄčGluten free noodles go good with any protein and sauce. Also rice, as long as it's not ready rice. Enchiladas and tacos. Stir fry with gluten free soy sauce. Stuffed peppers.



Crockpot meals. Personal favorite and easiest one. Frozen chicken, jar of salsa, can of beans, corn, whatever you want. Cook for however long and then shred on chips.

Russian chicken. Chicken, any red dressing, onion soup mix (read labels first!!), small jar apricot preserves. Cook in oven till done.

Find the nearest store that sells gluten free Bisquick. That will bring many things back to your diet.



And lastly, Reddit user xxsuscitatexx linked us this recipe. We aren't sure if its hers/his, but its a good one none the less. 

Source: imgur.com

Spicy Thai Chicken Tacos (Gluten Free) http://imgur.com/gallery/oAjYt3N


Thanks Reddit

We hoped you liked this roundup of recipes from the internet. Being gluten intolerant  doesn't mean you have to follow a strict dietary regimen. With a little substitution, you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods.


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