5 Tips on What to Look for in the Best Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the most common diet staples in the world. If you are a person who eats a lot of rice, then a rice cooker is an ideal appliance to have in your kitchen.  Rice cookers are compact and go with almost any kitchen décor.  You don’t have to worry about overcooking or under-cooking and will have perfect rice each time you cook it.

Many cookers come with steamers so that you can cook a whole meal, not just rice. With a multi-purpose rice cooker you can cook your meal in the morning before work and come home to a nice, hot, tasty meal.  Below are some of the things you should look for when purchasing a rice cooker. For more information on rice cookers, be sure to visit a website such as www.HomeCentric.org who have put together a fantastic article on the top models to look for.


Microprocessors built into rice cookers enable the cooker to automatically adjust cooking temperature and time with any type of rice.  Rice cookers with this technology do the work for you.  It is called fuzzy logic.  Fuzzy logic uses computer chips to program the cooker as if it were a thinking human.  Normally, If you have an oven or stove on too high and your food is cooking too fast, you would turn it down.  Fuzzy logic does this same thing for you using mathematical reasoning.


There are many different types of rice so when purchasing a rice cooker, look for one that is versatile and accommodates more than just white rice.  All rice is not cooked the same, so you need one that can adjust to whatever type of rice you are cooking.  For example, brown rice cooks longer than white rice.  Brown rice is actually white rice that does not have the bran covering removed, which is why it takes longer to cook.  There are many rice cookers on the market that have settings for brown rice as well as sushi/sweet, porridge, germinated brown, umami, and mixed rice.  Choose one with a variety of settings that will enable you to cook different kinds of rice.


Whether you want one cup of rice, or ten cups, there is a rice cooker on the market that will meet your needs.  When picking out a rice cooker, the size means the amount of uncooked rice that you can put in the cooker.  The capacity means the amount of rice after it is cooked, which is frequently double the amount of uncooked rice.  Rice cookers come in 3 cups, 5 cups, 7 cups and 10 cups, which are the most common sizes.  However, there are commercial cookers that accommodate large amounts of people.  If you purchase one that has a range of sizes, you can cook for yourself, your family or for guests.

Induction Heating

This type of heating is what cooks your rice evenly every time.  Some rice cookers heat from heating element at the bottom of the pot.  Induction heating comes from the electric current in the wall outlet.  The current goes through the metal coils which are generally copper.  This results in a magnetic field which is what you put the rice cooker pan into.  The magnetic field then creates an electrical current inside of the pan, generating heat.  This action distributes the heat evenly around the pan, instead of just from bottom to top, so that your rice is cooked consistently each time.

Warming Feature

Look for a rice cooker that will switch to a keep warm setting automatically when your rice is finished cooking.  This way your rice will not burn or dry out.  Some rice cookers even offer an extended keep warm function which will keep the rice warm for a longer period of time.

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