15 Teas for Better Skin and Health

Tea is more than just an herbal beverage to enjoy. In fact, tea actually began as a healing remedy and then became a drink after people started to fall in love with its benefits and flavors.

Tea can cure all kinds of common ailments from nausea and bloating to anxiety and sleep problems. Tea doesn’t just work on the inside though – it can improve your outer appearance as well!

The best part about tea is that you can make it home, with simple herbs and ingredients that don’t cost a fortune. Create your own health boosting mixes or borrow one from the list below.

The follow tea recipes will both boost your health and improve the look of your skin. Try them for yourself and discover why tea is more than just a drink!

15 Breakfast Tea Recipes for Perfect Health & Skin

1. Chai Tea – For an Immune Boost

This chai tea is created from fresh spices alone, making it the perfect caffeine free chai tea for those who crave that warm, spice flavor. While typical chai tea is made with black tea, this herbal chai skips the tea but keeps all of the flavor and health benefits. With an immune boost from ginger, astragalus root as well as rose hips, this tea will help to fight off those nasty winter colds! Learn more.

2. Cold & Flu Fighting Apple Green Tea Tumeric Tonic - For Better Health

This Apple Green Tea Tumeric Tonic has everything you’ll need to battle the winter season. Warming you on the inside and keeping you rejuvenated on the outside, this Tumeric Tonic contains the antioxidant-rich green tea. With its sweet apple flavor, you should sip this tea weekly during those colder months to keep you warm and fight any infections. Learn more.

3. “Butterscotch” Dandelion Tea – For Liver Health

One of the best caffeine free substitutes for coffee, dandelion tea is incredibly beneficial to your health. It promotes digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation and pain, removes toxins in the liver and so much more. Start your morning off with this “Butterscotch” latte instead of your usual Starbucks and get a boost of health benefits! Learn more.

4. Basil Tea – For Digestion

Basil is an incredible herb for digestion that can cure almost any stomach ailment. From stomach cramps and nausea to gas and constipation, basil tea can help to relieve these symptoms and more!  Learn more.

5. Skinny Green Tea Detox – For Weight Loss

This iced tea is not only a great way to flavor your water and hydrate yourself, it also can aid in weight loss! Green tea takes center stage in this detox tea, with its metabolism boosting effects and powerful antioxidants that fight everything from cancers to wrinkles. Sip this iced tea from morning to night to hydrate yourself and give your metabolism a boost. As an added bonus you’ll be fighting wrinkles – without having to buy any fancy face cream! Learn more.

6. Rosemary Tea – For Mental Clarity

We all have those days where it seems like we are walking in a fog. If you’re in need of a quick jolt to your focus, then try adding rosemary to your tea! This herb helps to improve mental alertness and also has positive effects on mood. Learn more.

7. Parsley Tea – For Kidneys & Liver Health

Parsley is a powerful herb that works to cleanse and detox the kidneys and liver. Rich in chlorophyll, which gives the herb its bright green color, parsley’s detox effects can lead to an overall healthier body, not to mention bright, beautiful skin. Rich in nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin B12, parsley also helps the organs to absorb nutrients better. Learn more.

8. Licorice Tea – For Coughs

Do you ever find yourself having a cough that just won’t go away? Try sipping on licorice tea! Licorice root is an anti-inflammatory, so it will help to loosen the mucus in the lungs as well as clear clogged nasal passages. Licorice root also boosts the immune system, helping you to ward off that horrid cough before it arises! Learn more.

9. Cinnamon Tea – For Sore Throats

Relieve your sore throat with this soothing, warming tea. Comforting and simple to make, this Cinnamon Tea also contains ginger to ward off any nausea or uneasiness that comes with being under the weather!

10. Chamomile & Lavender Tea – To Combat Stress

Chamomile is most known for calming you down for a good night’s sleep, but don’t limit its abilities! This chamomile and lavender tea will keep you calm and relaxed – at any time of the day! Brew a mug and sip as anxiety and stress arises and stay levelheaded through it all. Learn more.

11. Feminine Balance Tea – For Women’s Health

If you battle fertility issues or even suffer from painful menstrual cycles, then this feminie balance tea is for you. Alfalfa and cloverleaf work together to promote estrogen while vitex helps to balance hormones. Reduce your PMS symptoms, fertility issues and even stress with this tasty tea! Learn more.

12. Hibiscus Tea – For Blood Pressure

Reduce your blood pressure and lower cholesterol with this gorgeous hibiscus tea. High in anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus leaves have been found to reduce blood pressure by ten points! Hibiscus is also a natural diuretic, another way it aids in lowering blood pressure. Protect your heart by sipping this tea daily! Learn more.

13. Lavender Calming Tea – For Relaxation

Whether you’ve had a stressful day or simply find yourself unable to unwind at night, this Lavender Calming Tea is the answer. Commonly used during massages for its calming abilities, lavender works just as well when it is inhaled, as it is when it’s consumed. Don’t limit this tea to nighttime though – start your morning off on a calming note too! Learn more.

14. Tummy Tamer Ginger Tea – For Tummy Troubles

Ginger is a fantastic way to treat any form of upset stomach. Nausea, bloating and even dizziness can all be cured by sipping on ginger tea. This super simple ginger tea is the perfect solution for any and all stomach ailments you may have! Learn more.

15. Peppermint Tea Recipe – For Heartburn

Suffering from heartburn? Put down those antacids and instead brew up some peppermint tea. The cooling effect of peppermint doesn’t just work to freshen your breath, but helps to ease heartburn pain. It also helps to relax your throat so that stomach acid doesn’t come back up. Served cold or warm, this peppermint tea recipe is simple to make and incredibly soothing! Learn more.



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